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23.07.2015 - CROWN müssen Support für Agalloch absagen!

CROWN müssen leider ihren Support Slot für Agallochs Headliner Tour absagen! Hier die offizielle Pressemeldung:

Due to a last-minute medical situation, CROWN has been forced to cancel the first week of the tour. They will be joining us in Colmar, France on the 3rd of August and will continue the tour from there until the end. Their replacement will be John Haughm performing a solo piece based on his latest release; “The Last Place I Remember”. Thus far it has been performed only twice so those in Berlin, Warsaw, Nova Gorica, Brescia, and Zürich will be treated to this rare event, complete with full stage aesthetics and the sonic extremity of Billy Anderson at the soundboard.

We in Agalloch wish Stephane a quick and full recovery and we look forward to having CROWN join us in Colmar.


Stephane Azam / CROWN: "it’s with sincere apologies that i write to inform you all that CROWN is forced to cancel the first week of the tour. We will start in our hometown in Colmar on august 3rd. I underwent into 2 emergency surgeries on my back 3 weeks ago, last surgery was in early july and i need four weeks for a complete recovery. A special thanx to Doctor Mortada , neurosurgeon in Pasteur Hospital in Colmar who did an amazing job and was really understanding and attentive. So see you on the road, healthy, strong and ready to bring the heaviness to you"


John Haughm Video:

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 Fr 31.07.2015
Friday Club - While We Were Young Special


ab 22 Uhr  // Bis 24 Uhr Freier Eintritt - danach 6,- €

Happy Hour bis 23 Uhr

1st Floor: Wave, 80s, New Romantic, Gothic mit DJ Hope
2nd Floor: 80´s + 90´s, Popular Classix, All Time Favourites mit DJ Fabi Feuer
3rd Floor: Rock + Metal mit DJ Schmolli | Berlin

 Fr 31.07.2015
21:00 Uhr - 6,00 EUR - VVK: 6,00 EUR
Karten sind über den Vorverkauf erhältlich.

 Sa 01.08.2015
Rock Hard präsentiert: Rock Sucht Heart Party


ab 22 Uhr // Freier Eintritt bis 23 Uhr - danach 6 €

1st Floor: Gothic, EBM, Electro mit DJ Sascha
2nd Floor: Rock sucht Heart Party - die Rocker Single Party mit DJ Sabre
3rd Floor: Rock und Metal mit DJ Toxic Twin
Halle - ab 23 Uhr: Hellectro Party mit DJ Peter & DJ Kochi

 Sa 01.08.2015
Hellectro Party

ab 23 Uhr // Eintritt: 6,- € // Freier Eintritt bis 23 Uhr! (im Rahmen der Rock Hard meets Zillo Party)

Electro, EBM, Industrial mit DJ Peter und DJ Kochi